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Bishoy wrote Break Barriers with the objective of helping readers and listeners alike channel the mindset to overcome obstacles of all sorts, whether they be personal, professional, or on the playing field. Upon publishing, Bishoy naturally progressed his message to the main stage, speaking to various audiences. Consider engaging with Bishoy to learn more about how he would be able to help you and your audience.

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    • How to Write a Book – A story that began in his living room with a Google search and a goal to write 20K words and how ultimately the journey was just as, if not more impactful as the outcome.
    • There Is No Road Map – If I can go back to my college years and give myself one piece of advice, it would be “Your Life is not as mapped out as you anticipate it to be”. Bishoy dives into the need to maintain perspective around life’s continuous journey.
    • A Reason to Give your People a Platform – Based on a life-changing moment when an Executive gave Bishoy a nod to aim for the stars. Unbeknownst to them at the time, their selfless investment in Bishoy was the beginning of a journey that led to Break Barriers becoming a reality. Bishoy talks not only about mentorship but he emphasizes the value of servant leadership.
    • A Guide to Breaking Industry Barriers – Based on his journey from Unemployment in the financial crisis to a stint in Public Accounting before landing a role in the Investment Bank at JP Morgan and ultimately leaping industries 7 years later as an Account Executive at Salesforce. Bishoy tells a story of how he connected each of the dots primarily leveraging what life has taught him. A story of Patience, Perspective, and Purpose.
    • Aligning your Story with Your Career – Bishoy leverages his experience with Break Barriers to talk about how one’s personal story can be the cornerstone for how they navigate their career.

    Bishoy Tadros - Author, Speaker, and Milestone Coach

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