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Bishoy's narrative can be summed up by his tried and true formula for navigating the course of life's obstacles. Bishoy leverages the 3 P's of patience, perspective and purpose to help breakdown milestones and establish a path to success.
Bishoy's experience has equipped him with the ability to listen, empathize, and to help his clients reshape their perspective and channel the mindset to overcome their own obstacles whether they be personal, professional, or on the playing field.

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We all have goals and aspirations, many of which may seem daunting at first.

You might aspire to run a marathon, write your first book, open your own business, or make an industry shift.

No matter the objective, Milestone Coaching can help you channel the mindset to overcome the obstacles on your journey.

Milestone Coaching
45 Min
Click here to book a milestone coaching session with Bishoy. This session will include a consultative review of your goals as well as an outline for reframing the approach to execution.

1 Session: $100
3 Sessions: $275
5 Sessions: $425

Bishoy, author of Break Barriers & Milestone Coach

The objective of Bishoy's Milestone coaching program is to help his audience channel the mindset to overcome obstacles, whether they be personal, professional, or on the playing field. Bishoy is a Certified Life Coach who has helped individuals seek out their potential in meeting various objectives including the below:
Writing Your First Book

Bishoy published his memoir Break Barriers with the objective of giving readers a tool to channel the mindset to overcome obstacles. He can share his learnings and help you on your path!

Running Your First Marathon

Bishoy is a 6-time marathoner, and has led charitable campaigns raising over $100,000 in the process. He can help prepare you physically and mentally!

Making a Professional Transition

Bishoy has worked for industry titans and he can guide you on the quest to break industry barriers on your professional journey.

Bishoy Tadros - Author, Speaker, & Milestone Coach

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