Your TEAM is everything.

“To develop Grit, surround
yourself with people who are
smarter, stronger and faster you”

Your TEAM is everything.

“To develop Grit, surround yourself with people who are smarter, stronger and faster you”

As A Child.

I had to learn in the most painful fashion that you don’t always get the results you want when you want them. You’ll be disappointed, you’ll have to change course, and you’ll have to adjust your timeline.

As An Adult

I took on a whole new approach when it came to defining success and understanding what it means to me. I’ve learned that it’s not an end game, it’s a journey, one I anticipate will last a lifetime.

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This is what some of our readers had to say about Break Barriers.
This is a book that fills the reader with inspiration! Bishoy Tadros exemplifies resounding grit, determination and a selfless desire to leave a positive footprint wherever he goes. We all face challenges in life as no one is immune to adversities. It's what you do with those challenges that defines us. Bishoy's triumphs and continual pursuit of self reflection in order to meet his goals is nothing short of inspirational. Outstanding book from an outstanding man raised by outstanding parents, highly recommended read!


Highly recommend this book written by Bishoy Tadros. Break Barriers was the perfect inspirational book I needed; so many applicable life anecdotes by Bishoy and how he was able to overcome obstacles and challenges throughout his entire life. I would recommend this book to anyone of all ages seeking inspiration, motivation, and a goal setting mindset.

His story was remarkable, I was able to finish the book in just 2 days. I feel inspired to keep working towards my goals, set them higher, and appreciate the set backs in life. Phenomenal book.

Kathy M

What more can I say. I had the privilege of meeting the author of this book, and to say the least he is the most humble most amazing human ever. Everything about this book is inspirational and so uplifting. This is a must read!

Darek Pitera

An incredibly motivating story about learning to dig deep and accomplishing what you once thought was unachievable.

Blake Brinson

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